The Richter Scale: Introduction

Good evening wrestling fans and welcome to my first blog apart of Wrestling I am looking at running a weekly blog here called The Richter Scale, now people know me on The Animal Enclosure as Richter Jacobs I do not go by that on here because I am going by my real name of Kaine Jacobs. I am a wrestling fan have been for a very long time now and will look at add also a blog called Monday Night Tragedy, a blog on the fallen members of the Monday Night Wars, there have been a lot of victims of the Monday Nights wars and with them around here again we may see another victim of the wars. has a minor partnership with The Animal Enclosure forums and I hope that you check out that place and chat it up on The Squared Circle the more wrestling chatter the better. Plus you are able to discuss wrestling without being trolled how many forums can you say that about?

I hope you stick by this blog, but remember what I post here, is what I think, not what Dave Harding thinks, not what Scott Sandars thinks, or Tibes, they write here too and they have their own mind and I will speak mine. I hope you keep an eye on this place as it grows.

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