Raw 1000th, Aces and Eights, and something inbetween I think…It’s Wrestling Asylum!

….and it’s still real to me dammit!

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Or cyborgs named Ryback either way this is another Wrestling Asylum blog.

It has been 55 days since we blogged, or should I say I blogged, about the woo-woo-wonderful (mixed up, dramafilled, crazy chick lovin’, Mae Young hand giving and McMahon filled.) world of Rasslin’ (Ted, you would be so proud of us.) Raw’s 1000th episode has come and gone, and we’re closing in on 1001.

It has to be said that the WWE put on a very decent show for number 1000, it was entertaining, it had drama, it had a crazy chick, it had a tool in a handsuit calling Mae Young mum (Oh how I hate the guy that remembered that happened.) and we saw legends, we saw Heath Slater fed to them all again.

We even had a bit of Charlie Sheen on skype, after he up and quit Twitter, we thought he’d do a Buddy Franklin (AFL player who quit and returned almost a day later) and come back, but he didn’t (as far as I know, or care about.) so now it seems he and one of Bookers former/current/future Fave Fives D-Bry will battle (or teased to) Charlie at the Slam.

AJ is now our Raw GM which is an interesting move, looking forward to seeing how this pans out, been a fan of this angle (who don’t like a crazy hot chick? No seriously.)

Raw had it’s dull moments, it had it’s misses, but it was as expected it was done well, but as good as it was it wasn’t great, but it was good. It was put together fine, could have had a bit more done to it, but it’s what it was.

Punk’s heel turn now makes things more interesting around the place, and looks like Ziggles might climb into a title eventually.

Chavo made his TNA debut, it was an interesting one, some are complaining about how made his debut, but I’d rather see him rise to the top of TNA and show what a star he can be, it does seem that TNA are reverting back to concentrating on the X Division, as they have a foremr X Division Champion wearing the belt, they’ve brought in a few new X DIvision guys, even got Kenny King from ROH.

TNA are also it seems have Joey Ryan as a future talent, it’s starting to look more and more that way, as his fight against TNA from the Gutcheck Challenge looks like a work, though I had thought that during the whole interview, and then the turning back up on Impact.

But Joey’s entertaining, and would be good for TNA, if they used him right, sadly, TNA has lost both Beautiful People now as Velvet has departed the company. She joins Love, and alos Shelley to have left the company in the last few weeks.

Mick Foley seemed to be lobbying for her to jump to the WWE, after they too departed a Diva, in Kharma (Kong) I’d hope to see her return to TNA and re-ignite her feud with Gail Kim, I think that Gail is back to working her best, after looking lazy, and sloppy in the ring when he went back to the ‘E.

TNA also has a new angle with Aces and Eights, guys that are jumping people with masks on every chance they get. It seems an interesting idea, they even have their own tiwtter, and such. Names that have been in the group that might not be revealed have been Gallows, Knox, and D’Lo Brown (IIRC)

Chris Masters who worked a dark match in TNA wasn’t involved with them, but still lobbies for a job there, maybe he will be in the final reveal, but it seems they will be former WWE stars in that group. Also another name linked is Jeff Jarrett, as the leader.

It’s going to be interesting to see where they take it, and if they can build on this and such.

I kinda like Abyss as “Joseph Parks” the “brother of Abyss” I think that TNA has done a lot with Abyss over the years, and now we have a fresher look, him being a lawyer, snob type, trying to find his “brother” they’ve also had themselves a fake Abyss, so there are some positives in TNA.

Positives that include some good shows, a good PPV which was Destination X, now will be good if they can back this up, the WWE does need them to start becoming more than just a minor promotion.

TNA going live over the summer should turn into live full time, one of the wrestlers said I think it weas Aries, that it would be hard to get viewers with the spoilers out there. It’s honestly why a lot don’t watch Smackdown, you know other than it “usually being crap” (not my view, a general view.) if people didn’t read that already they’d tune in.

But I suppose some would see the roster, see the way some angles are and ignore it anyway, some parts of Smackdown have been good, others have been hit and generally miss.

It’s safe to say in some minor areas that TNA are finding some improvement, but still need to start improving more, with OVW we may see them almost create their own stars, I mean, I know people aren’t that big on TNA, but they’re slowly trying to turn it, it’s still got some crap that needs to die off.

The AJ Styles/Daniels/Kaz angle with this Claire, and Dixie should die, but apparently that has been a hit with some fans in the viewership so I suppose we’re stuck with that one.

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