Pro Wrestling Secrets Revealed

Or are they?

johncenaMany people have looked to out wrestling as being fake and tried to bring the business down, and every time a person stops and wonders “Do they think we’re idiots?” Harley Race tried to make money with NBA revealing wrestlers dirty little secrets But what secrets?

Doesn’t the world already know that there are scripts in wrestling? That the winners have already been decided? Isn’t that something us fans have known for, well however long we have watched wrestling? And so what if a punch here is fake, or a slap there is fake and an injury is faked? I sat and watched a movie and saw Denzel Washington shot to death in a movie, the moment I switched it off I saw him on TV in an interview, but wait, movies are fake? But where are the legions of people complaining? Oh right they do not dare call themselves “sports entertainment”

I saw Sid Vicious in 2001 break his leg live on PPV, yes folks a wrestler was injured in this fake “rubbish” who’d have known? Tragically in 1999 Owen Hart was lowered from the ceiling and fell to his death, further proof that sometimes wrestling does have it’s stuff ups and sadly guys are killed, or seriously injured and never work again.

Rob Van Dam was wrestling in ECW and almost lost his eye when a wrestler went through a table, the table flew up and almost hit him in the face. Dave “Fit” Finlay in WCW had his ankle cut by a table when he went through it, he almost died from blood loss his wrestling career was pretty close to over until he made his appearance in the WWE. We all remember Joey Mercury have his nose plastered all over his face in 2006. So there are no secrets to be found wrestling is like a soap opera that has real people getting hurt from time to time, back when the sport was a sport, there were some deaths in the ring, Wrestling has seen many tragic events happen in the ring, but tell me how many people would have bagged Denzel for not being really dead after he was shot to death in Training Day?

Wrestling has become the butt of many jokes mainly due to the steroid debate, and more recently the double murder-suicide of the Benoit family, the media circus made a big deal and even dragged out a bitter Marc Mero as a character witness to the use of drugs, and steroids in the sport. Well naturally there are going to be drug abuse in the business, painkillers being the drug that has become a real addiction to many wrestlers due to the injuries that have been sustained during their time. There’s no doubting there has been a steroid problem as well.

sidinjury1We all remember the obsession of the big muscly guys throughout the 1980s and early 90’s plus those big guys it seems to get a place in the sport you needed to be a big muscle bound guy before the wrestling universe started to change in the mid 1990s. Drug scandals have been everywhere though, ir’s a sad fact of life, I am sure the music scene has just as many drugs, maybe no steroids but there has been many drug related deaths, a lot of people using throughout their rock life, it seemed to be apart of their lifestyle.

Wrestling will never be perfect, but if you are going to complain about it being fake, scripted “crap” perhaps you should switch off television because there are a lot of “scripted crap” on the TV, wrestling now is filled with storylines and storylines are what keep people interested and while they can be bad at times, you can easily skip them without much fuss, or just watch another product without the storylines.

So there are the secrets of wrestling, you know them all, but you already knew it didn’t you? Well now a few more do.

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