The Sports Asylum Show: Krackerjak return special guest

Monday Night the Sports Asylum Show is back live again from 8:30pm AEST, and we are only a few nights away from Wrestleclash, which means we have another big guest, returning to the show is The Mad Bastard Krackerjak. He follows a great interview done by Dave Harding with Rocky Menero who spoke in depth about Wrestleclash, his loss to Chris Vice at EPW State of Origin.

He also spoke about his opponent Mike Petersen who is a massive man, does he have what it takes to beat him? You will have to get along to the Wrestleclash show. This coming Monday we will talk to Krackerjak about his opponent Adam Brooks, what he’s been up to since he was last on the show and more importantly what he’s got planned for his opponent.

What do you get when you mix The Sports Asylum, and one Mad Bastard? You are going to have to listen to the radio on Monday Night. Did you miss the last time Krackerjak was on the show? You don’t need to fear, click here and you can listen to that and the Marcius Pitt interview as well just after that.…

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Raw 1000th, Aces and Eights, and something inbetween I think…It’s Wrestling Asylum!

….and it’s still real to me dammit!

….no really, we have real bloggers.

Or cyborgs named Ryback either way this is another Wrestling Asylum blog.

It has been 55 days since we blogged, or should I say I blogged, about the woo-woo-wonderful (mixed up, dramafilled, crazy chick lovin’, Mae Young hand giving and McMahon filled.) world of Rasslin’ (Ted, you would be so proud of us.) Raw’s 1000th episode has come and gone, and we’re closing in on 1001.

It has to be said that the WWE put on a very decent show for number 1000, it was entertaining, it had drama, it had a crazy chick, it had a tool in a handsuit calling Mae Young mum (Oh how I hate the guy that remembered that happened.) and we saw legends, we saw Heath Slater fed to them all again.

We even had a bit of Charlie Sheen on skype, after he up and quit Twitter, we thought he’d do a Buddy Franklin (AFL player who quit and returned almost a day later) and come back, but he didn’t (as far as I know, or care about.) so now it seems he and one of Bookers former/current/future Fave Fives D-Bry will battle (or teased to) Charlie at the Slam.

AJ is now our Raw GM which is an interesting move, looking forward to seeing how this pans out, been a fan of this angle (who don’t like a crazy …

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SnoreRX Vs. Zquiet

smpSnoring has become a serious problem lately, and even finding the right cure has become a problem, as well. Every company claims that only its product work miracles, so one must do some digging in order to find the useful one. According to a Zquiet and SnoreRX review, theses two are the best on the market, and the most efficient way to choose only one is by comparing their pros and cons.

Every mouth is different, do the mouthpiece must fit the mouth of every user. The SnoreRX has more secure fit thanks to thermo-fit materials, and Zquiet does not provide much comfort. Even when it comes to adjustments, SnoreRX is better, because once the jaw finds the right position, it automatically stays that way. Both devices have shown good durability, and they can be easily bought without prescription. When it comes to comfort, the SnoreRX review shows this device is better, and very easy to wear and users report they do not even feel it during night. The price is usually the problem, so those who do not mind spending $100 on SnoreRX over $70 on Zquiet should definitely choose the first one, and enjoy its benefits. In order to be sure they purchase the right thing, the customers should use the trial period that both companies offer.

Avoid Snoring With Stop Snoring Devices

Snoring is considered a very common and irritating problem and most folks do not have …

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Pro Wrestling Secrets Revealed

Or are they?

johncenaMany people have looked to out wrestling as being fake and tried to bring the business down, and every time a person stops and wonders “Do they think we’re idiots?” Harley Race tried to make money with NBA revealing wrestlers dirty little secrets But what secrets?

Doesn’t the world already know that there are scripts in wrestling? That the winners have already been decided? Isn’t that something us fans have known for, well however long we have watched wrestling? And so what if a punch here is fake, or a slap there is fake and an injury is faked? I sat and watched a movie and saw Denzel Washington shot to death in a movie, the moment I switched it off I saw him on TV in an interview, but wait, movies are fake? But where are the legions of people complaining? Oh right they do not dare call themselves “sports entertainment”

I saw Sid Vicious in 2001 break his leg live on PPV, yes folks a wrestler was injured in this fake “rubbish” who’d have known? Tragically in 1999 Owen Hart was lowered from the ceiling and fell to his death, further proof that sometimes wrestling does have it’s stuff ups and sadly guys are killed, or seriously injured and never work again.

Rob Van Dam was wrestling in ECW and almost lost his eye when a wrestler went through a table, the table flew up …

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The Richter Scale: Introduction

Good evening wrestling fans and welcome to my first blog apart of Wrestling Asylum.com I am looking at running a weekly blog here called The Richter Scale, now people know me on The Animal Enclosure as Richter Jacobs I do not go by that on here because I am going by my real name of Kaine Jacobs. I am a wrestling fan have been for a very long time now and will look at add also a blog called Monday Night Tragedy, a blog on the fallen members of the Monday Night Wars, there have been a lot of victims of the Monday Nights wars and with them around here again we may see another victim of the wars.

WrestlingAsylum.com has a minor partnership with The Animal Enclosure forums and I hope that you check out that place and chat it up on The Squared Circle the more wrestling chatter the better. Plus you are able to discuss wrestling without being trolled how many forums can you say that about?

I hope you stick by this blog, but remember what I post here, is what I think, not what Dave Harding thinks, not what Scott Sandars thinks, or Tibes, they write here too and they have their own mind and I will speak mine. I hope you keep an eye on this place as it grows.…

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Undertaker vs. Triple H – My opinion

WrestleMania XXVIII

As I have next to no interest in the Rock/Cena match, I’m skipping over that, because I’d much rather talk about the Hell in a Cell match involving Triple H and The Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee..

WrestleMania wouldn’t really be the same without the Undertaker. Regardless of the opinion of the masses that he shouldn’t be on the show because he hasn’t been in the ring since WrestleMania XXVII, there is almost no doubt that whenever the Undertaker sets foot inside the ring at ‘The Grandaddy of them all’, he brings his A-game. Of course, no-one knows what the Undertaker’s A-game is now, given that he will turn 47 a week prior to ‘Mania.

Had I been booking the WWE, of course I would have The Undertaker appearing, however, if this is indeed his swansong, I wouldn’t have picked Triple H to be his final opponent for the following reasons.

1) If Undertaker wins, then the match will have been the same as the previous two times they faced each other at the “Super Bowl of the WWE”, and the fans have already seen it.

and 2) If Triple H wins, then ending the Undertaker’s streak will have been wasted on someone who’s just as close to retirement as Undertaker himself.

The Miz would probably have been my first choice as Undertaker’s Mania opponent, because while the Miz has been in something of a …

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The Asylum returns in 2015

We’ve returned in 2015 with some big stuff from QCW – Sunshine Coast, and other blogs and news. Check us out in 2015.…

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