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new Posts: Rumble thoughts and more

January 25th 2015 14:38
There's not been a lot posted here about the wrestling, but I will be posting my thoughts on the Rumble, and other stuff later today. So stick around for that, and also news on QCW, and more.


The Asylum returns in 2015

November 30th 2014 15:35
We'll be returning in 2015 with some big stuff from QCW - Sunshine Coast, and other blogs and news. Check us out in 2015.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon may have celebrated the WWE's survival and win in the Mon day Night Wars by buying WCW, but some wrestling fans and talent alike weren't as ready to celebrate WCW's demise.

While it was a perfect business move for the WWE to purchase long time rival WCW after a torrid battle with them over Monday Nights, but the wrestling business itself was another loser in the Monday Night Wars.

The WWE needs to have competition to keep them on their toes, while the WWE has TNA as a distant rival their problems lately could see another promotion shut its doors for good. The wrestling business isn't in the shape that it was the WWE is really the only big name in town.

Even though also Jeff Jarrett's new promotion Global Force Wrestling is around the corner, and ROH are a small time promotion but have a loyal base similarly to ECW and TNA at the moment. They're nowhere near challenging and the WWE keeps on slowly going without much cutting edge material.

The wrestling business needs another nWo angle and a new rival to the WWE to make wrestling fun and exciting again, while the WWE has many great wrestlers and a lot of interesting storylines there is that lack of competition to drive more risky, cutting edge storylines.

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Wrestling Asylum has been hijacked by QCW - Sunshine Coast wrestlers the Circus of Tragedy and they have had some interesting things to say on our Facebook page, which you can see here.

Last nights show was a complete mess as Thirteen and Rabies The Clown just completely took over the studio and was broadcasting their own show with their own music. This weekend is Civil War for QCW's next big event, and they have called out Anthony there

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Wednesday Nights on Mix It Up Radio come listen to Wrestling Asylum as we bring you nothing but wrestling talk from Australia and the United States.

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Wrestling Asylum Show

April 15th 2014 07:00
We've moved from Tuesday Nights to Wednesday Nights on Mix It Up Radio, we're going to slowly start airing the clips of the latest QCW show Four Falls of Glory that we did a live broadcast of.

Like us at Facebook by clicking here. By doing that you can find out more about the shows

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Wrestling Asylum 28/02/2014 Preview:

February 17th 2014 02:05
his Tuesday Night from 9:30pm AEDT, 8:30pm EST the Wrestling Asylum is back on Mix It Up Radio and we are going to have the guys from QCW - Sunshine Coast where we're going to find out about the winners, the losers and hearing what Anthony thought of the whole event we even find out if Mickey 2 Phat beat Bumcrack BarRat and find out if Jimmy Sparx and team New Zealand came away with the Trans Tasman win against Australia or did the Aussies steal a win.

The fallout from QCW - Sunshine Coast will be heard live on Mix It Up Radio, will 'Bumcrack' BarRat crash the show and tell us about his match with Mickey 2 Phat? It promises to be another great night of local wrestling talk on Mix It Up Radio

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Tag Team Match announced for TCW event

December 23rd 2013 06:57
Tasmanian Championship Wrestling has announced a new match for first even show "Annihilation" the match will see DALAS (Daring Adventurers of Land & Sea) will be battling Rufio & Jesse Daniels. This is the first non-singles match announced for the show, already on the card is a Women's Match which sees Michelle K Hasluck battling Shadow Shinobi. A young lions thriple threat match Dalton Brisco, Angus Mctavish and Mercury all in the one ring first pin to a victory. Singles matches include Tommy Hellfire battling The Great Kyote, and Mystery battling The Cremator.

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Tasmanian Championship Wrestling brings professional wrestling back to Tasmania, with their very first shown in January at Action Packed Stadium in Launceston on January 18th. The show dubbed "Annihilation" will see some of the best wrestlers in the country, and the state of Tasmania battle for your entertainment on a summers night in Janaury.

Tasmania has not had a regular wrestling promotion running shows since the days of the original WCW back in the 1970s. Hobart's City Hall was rocking with the big names of wrestling, those days however are gone and since then Tasmania has only hosted 2 wrestling events

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It was a special Wrestleclash edition of the Wrestling Asylum Show, we heard from Scott and Debbie who had gone to the show on Friday Night and they talked about the event. After Anthony and Scott had given Debbie a bit of a fright before the event, and not being a fan of the wrestling before it was time for Debbie to head along to 1000 Bend and see what all the fuss was about.

Anthony and Dave grilled both on the event, and even gave the results of the show and found it whether they enjoyed the show, and how she felt about the show after that little scare she was given

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