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QCW GM Anthony Romano

May 13th 2015 09:26
He faced up to the terror of the Circus of Tragedy and stared down the dark leader Thirteen, he's even given Mickey 2 Phat a tongue lashing. Check out the GM of QCW Anthony Romano, and give his page and like. click here.


WWE has the chance this Wrestlemania to finally push Bray Wyatt into main event status, when they have him battle The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Bray Wyatt has slowly become one of the WWE's newest popular names, shaking off the Husky Harris character that saw him return down to NXT.

While it has not been smooth sailing for Bray Wyatt, the WWE have finally seen the light and starting to push Wyatt again towards the WWE Main Event. While The Undertaker's streak is gone, the Undertaker has had a long standing record of making people come Wrestlemania.

Wyatt's tremendous promo work in calling out The Undertaker over the last few weeks has shown why he's ready to be pushed into the WWE Title picture very soon. It may have come a little late by the WWE to see the talent that is Bray Wyatt, they've got their best chance to make him.

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WWE's NXT brand has slowly become one of wrestling's most popular shows, it sees some of the best talent that the WWE signed from the Indies perform some great high octane matches. Fans and some wrestlers alike have commented on how entertaining NXT is, though some WWE stars themselves aren't too pleased with the freedom the NXT roster has in the ring.

While NXT has a cult like following it's still relatively minor in the ratings, and has not done the touring thing as yet. It's expected that NXT will hit the road with some new live dates, which could have some Indies worried about their shows.

the NXT roster is a young and hungry roster ready to ramp it up to get noticed and to be added to the main roster, Triple H has been overseeing the progress of NXT.

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Brock Lesnar could make a shock return to the UFC soon carrying the World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) World Title. Contract talks between he and the wrestling organisation appear to have broken down, leading to wider more talk of him departing the company.

Lesnar is set to appear at wrestling's version of the Superbowl, Wrestlemania later this month facing Roman Reigns, however the WWE Champion is considering going back to the UFC

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new Posts: Rumble thoughts and more

January 25th 2015 14:38
There's not been a lot posted here about the wrestling, but I will be posting my thoughts on the Rumble, and other stuff later today. So stick around for that, and also news on QCW, and more.

The Asylum returns in 2015

November 30th 2014 15:35
We'll be returning in 2015 with some big stuff from QCW - Sunshine Coast, and other blogs and news. Check us out in 2015.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon may have celebrated the WWE's survival and win in the Mon day Night Wars by buying WCW, but some wrestling fans and talent alike weren't as ready to celebrate WCW's demise.

While it was a perfect business move for the WWE to purchase long time rival WCW after a torrid battle with them over Monday Nights, but the wrestling business itself was another loser in the Monday Night Wars

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Wrestling Asylum has been hijacked by QCW - Sunshine Coast wrestlers the Circus of Tragedy and they have had some interesting things to say on our Facebook page, which you can see here.

Last nights show was a complete mess as Thirteen and Rabies The Clown just completely took over the studio and was broadcasting their own show with their own music. This weekend is Civil War for QCW's next big event, and they have called out Anthony there

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Wednesday Nights on Mix It Up Radio come listen to Wrestling Asylum as we bring you nothing but wrestling talk from Australia and the United States.

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Wrestling Asylum Show

April 15th 2014 07:00
We've moved from Tuesday Nights to Wednesday Nights on Mix It Up Radio, we're going to slowly start airing the clips of the latest QCW show Four Falls of Glory that we did a live broadcast of.

Like us at Facebook by clicking here. By doing that you can find out more about the shows

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